Saturday, 29 April 2006

Quad Biking

Took Calum Quad biking today, he got a birthday invite from one of his school friends Owen. He was taking a few friends Quad biking for his birthday, then off to Macdonalds for a small party. I didnt go on a quad, no I didnt chicken out, the party payed for all the kids to ride, the adults paid for them self`s.
Calum done realy well on the quad, he spent a little longer on the beginner track than everyone elts, couldnt quite understand the idea of having to take his thumb OFF the accelerator when he was going down hill, considering it was his first time on one, he crashed two times, tipping the quad over, trapping his leg. The first aider was right over to his as soon as they say him. He was picked up and dusted off, i couldnt hear what was said but he put his helmet back on and off he went again.
He realy enjoyed himself so we have said we will take him back again, well it was only £12 for half an hour £22 for an hour, i could be wrong about the hour price though.The picture on the right is Calum being instructed on how to control the quad, and the picture on the left is Calum just before he hit the beginners track. All in all a good day was had by all, might have a word with work to ask if we can have a team day out at Quads4all then off to a pub or something. On the company account of couse. (yeh like that will happen).

Edit: Its just gone midnight, Calums leg is swollen from when the quad landed on him, he is OK though or he says that he is. I have no reason to doubt him, if there was something wrong he would let us know in no uncertain terms. He has stopped complaining about his hands hurting now as well and is once again able to play his Game Boy. I have asked him again if he wants to go back and he does, next time he will wear the knee and elbow pads though. :)

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