Wednesday, 26 April 2006

New Domain

I have been trying to get my own domain now for a couple of weeks now, free of course. I did register with and have been waiting now for over a week to get my activation code, Im still waiting for it, in the end I gave up and have registered with a website called to register a domain name. Anyway my registration went through fine and I now have two domains registered both free. My journal is now registered as and my Forum can now be found at . I have already started changing the banners on most of ther forums I am registered with so that they either take you to my forum or here when you click on them though most of the links people have to here on their site should get redirected anyway. The tool bar at the top of this site I am still unsure about keeping, I want to get rid of it but there is an option in the bar were you can contact me through if you wanted, other than that i dont want it there.. but when I go into my domain manager the option to get rid of the tool bar is in German so Im going to have to mess with that a bit when I get the chance.

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