Saturday, 22 April 2006

Getting Members

I have been trying now for two days to get more visitors to register as members of my forum, I have tried traffic generators, I have hit every online community I am a member of My Space, Tag World the lot. My forum signature is a link back to my forum which i use in all of the forums I am a member of, in an attempt to get more members.

I can see visitors comming to my forum, though some are spider bots checking adverts and updating thier Cache but most are real visitors. I watch them come, then go. I am starting to run out iof ideas now. If I can get just one person to register and start posting today I will be happy. I have had visitors going into 3 figures pass my forum yet I still only have 9 members, and 5 of them are from work.

If you read this click the link and register for my forum, its not that bad realy.

The Free World Forum

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