Saturday, 15 April 2006

Been a bit busy

Flick and Shadow are getting on fine now, although its harder to handle the rats at the moment, I think its because Shadow is nearvous, so Flick takes cover in a tube and Shadow takes cover anywere he can as soon as my hand goes in the tank, just means its going to take a bit longer before they come out of the tank for any long periods of time. I still dont know what happened to my Photobucket account but I opened my site up a few days ago to find all my pictures on the site gone, Im using an album supplied by Bravenet at the moment till I get things sorted out.
You might have noticed a new link up there (The Free World Forum), yep its another forum, Im not ging to close the other one down, dont see the point.
There is also a link to Purple Angels I have put here as well. The site deals with Mental Health as well as Spiritual Growth and wellbeing and gives alot of usefull info, you should check it out. If the site its self doesnt have the information your looking for the Webmaster (Angel) has put links on here site to places that will.
Thats about it for now, might pop back later today to add more. Oh by the way, Keith my youngest has Chicken Pox now.

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