Saturday, 25 March 2006

The Rat Saga Continues

The Empty Rat Tank If you look real close you will be able to see NO RAT! Yep its Friday and we still have not got the rat, instead when we call the pet store for a rough time frame we get attitude. This afternoon we went to another Pet store and asked if they had any Variegated Rats for sale,
I was told no, but they can order me one and it WILL be in store for me to look at and buy if I like it by 1:00 pm on Monday, they told me they are getting another two rats in on the same day so I have a choice of three. We are going to contact the other pet store (the one with out a delivery date) in the morning to tell them we are getting a rat from another store and to ask for out money back, for the rat any way…Will let you know.
Oh, there is a picture of Keith in his Christening gown in the Gallery now. I will be putting more pictures in soon.

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