Saturday, 25 March 2006

The Rat Saga Continues Part 2

Well, I called the Pet shop this morning and told the owner that I had found a rat supplier that could get me a Variegated Rat by Monday, I thanked them for all the work they had done and said that I didnt need a rat from them, and that we would pop in on Monday to get a refund for the money we had paid for the rat. The owner said that "She was not happy" because of all the calls she had made to try and get the rat as well as all the calls we had made asking where it was, but that she would call her supplier to cancel the order".
Im sorry but this is possibly the worst service I have ever had from a shop, would you tell a customer that you were not happy about the calls you had got from them? I know that if I were to say that to a customer, I would get my arse kicked across the call centre. At least.
I would not recommend anyone go to this shop for ANYTHING, they seem to be only too happy to take your money but have a real attitude problem if you have any problems with their products or if you have a problem with an order.
I think that I might have some problems getting refunded the money I paid for the rat, I dont know, its just a feeling.
I am not going to put the name of the shop here for obvious reasons, though I might in the future. If you want to know the name of the store I will gladly tell you, by e-mail or msn or what ever.

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