Monday, 27 March 2006

The Rat is Home

I went to Healthy Pets this morning to get a refund for the rat we never got. The store owner didnt seem too happy to see me and said that it was against store policy to give refunds and that I would have to accept a credit note. Obviously we arnt to impressed with this because this means we are going to have to go back to use the credit note.
Anyway we went to the other pet shop this afternoon and got a rat from them. The shop owner took the rat out of the cage so that we could have a closer look... The rat ran up his arm, across his shoulders and jumped onto the front of a bird cage, dropping to the floor before making a run behind a set of cages with rabbits in.
Picture it, the store owner at the left, behind the rabbit cage, me on the right side of the rabbit cage and Tracy, my wife shouting to get the rat before the rat traps did. (LMAO) We got the rat, its up stairs in a 3ft fish tank now, hiding in a mound of bedding.

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