Saturday, 18 March 2006

Keiths Christening

Keith my youngest is getting Christened tomorrow. We need to get him Christened so that he can go to the same school as his two big brothers, they recon that it has one of the best educational statistics in the area, if it wasnt for that i think we would choose a different school because some of the things they say are just plain petty, such as the kids are not allowed to play Japs and English or soldiers because it simulates fighting, one kid got sent to the Head master for saying “Willie”, I mean, come on its political correctness gone out of control. Anyway back on subject. Keiths Christening. Im not looking forward to it, its bad enough having to go to church but to sit through a full service with a 6 year old and a 3 your old as well as an 11 month old, its going to be hell. No one is getting invited to the service and there will be no party afterwards. Only the God parents are comming, thats it. With any luck there will only be one Christening to do.
I will let you all know how it went once its over.

01:30 am GMT 20/03/2006

Well the Christening went without too much going wrong, Calum my eldest was great at the church, sang the hymns he knew and didnt fidget too much. Conor was as you can expect a 3 year old to be in an hour long service followed by a christening, bored and complaining alot, he spent most of the time lay on the floor in the front of the church. Keith started off well but started to cry as the time went on.
We were sat at the front, right next to a heater which was on and must have been set to high, a few times I had to move my legs to stop them from burning. I was holding Keith and we had him wrappd up real well because of his cold, so he must have been real hot.
I am not going to lie here, the service was a pile of crap, going on about the 10 commandments and how “thou shalt not kill”, Well if thou shalt not kill, What the Hell were the Crusades? a feild trip? OK thats a subject for another post I think. (Well I am a Pagan so the whole thing was questionable to say the least).
Needles to say I felt Very uncomfortable from the begining till the end… The things you have to do to ensure your child gets a good education.
I will post some picures as soon as I get them.

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