Saturday, 18 March 2006

Im Getting a Rat

well ok not me, the Rat is going to be for Calum my eldest, but you can bet that I will be the one who ends up looking after it, not that I mind, Iv always wanted a rat, ever since I met Bella who belonged to Dave an old friend of mine. My wife is freaking inside at the thought of having a rat in the house, but it was her idea. Well it was her idea to get a hamster or a mouse, but we ended up going for a rat.
Its going to take at least a week before we get it home. Its going to live in a Fish tank, once we get the bedding, its house and other stuff to keep it occupied its going to cost nearly 50 pounds, and thats without the cost of the rat. Didnt pay that much for my dogs, well eccept Lou he cost more. Still cant believe we payed over 100 pounds for a dog who is thick as pig sh*t.
Anyway my only hope is that the rat is healthy when we get it and that Calum doesnt give it a stupid name like Rattie or Fluffy.

On a different subject why do frozen meals like Lasagne always come out of the oven frozen , even when you put it in on the correct heat for more than the alloted time your supposed to? (and yes I did turn the oven on!)

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