Friday, 31 March 2006

Flick and the Pox

As promised a picture of our new rat Flick. Im rather impressed with the way the pictures turned out actualy, the camera on my phone isnt the best in the world, but it will have to do untill I get a good digital camera.
Flick is starting to get used to us now, I was able to pick him up earlyer today without him freaking out on me. Today was the first day for me to clean out his tank. I think he took it rather well, I was expecting him to be jumping all over the place looking for a way to escape but he was realy laid back about it. Tracy has some better pictures of Flick on her phone. I will put them in the Gallery once I get them.
Conors Chicken pox are getting worse, he is getting spots all over his body. I have put a picture of him in the gallery section, covered in Camomile lotion, im sure he will appreciate me posting it in the future.

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