Thursday, 30 March 2006


Yep, Iv changed the layout of the website Again.. I like this one though, I like it alot. I dont know about you but I found the other site dark and kind of depressing, now this one I like and it goes well with the Downtime Journal and Archive section.
The Rat is going well, when I get a good photo of it I will post it. Calum has called the rat "Flick" Im not sure why but there you go. We have contacted the pet shop were we got Flick from and ordered another one for company, we should be able to collect it next week.
I got a call today from work from my Team leader, reminding me that I am due back at work on Sunday night (Like I needed reminding of that). The past two weeks have flown over, remember when you were a kid and a two week holiday lasted for ever... I wish.

Conor has Chicken Pox, so we are having to keep him off school for a week or so, Tracy is freaking, thinking she has found spots which are the same as Conors. Conor is soo playing on being off school, he plays at the "aw aw am a pooorly boy" when he is after something, but when he thinks no one is looking he is fine, a typical lil` 3 year old.
The Archive section seems to be working well, entries from both Febuary and March have already been archived for me. We shall see.

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