S01E01 (Secrets and Lies)

  S01E01 (Secrets and Lies) Don't know if anyone can hear this, hope so Yeah…. Something has gone wrong in a huge way, I don't think I will be able to say everything now, too much is going on but I will tell you what I know so far.. As far as I know, it all started in 2020 when a virus escaped from a research lab in China, experts called it a slippery virus because of the speed that it could mutate. Of course China denied all knowledge and blamed the virus on a wet market in the Woohan province. Thing is, this virus spread and quickly, it wasn't long before the World Health Organisation upgraded the outbreak to a worldwide pandemic.  People panicked and store shelves were emptied within 24 hours, toilet paper and baby formula was the first to go. Most countries imposed lockdowns and curfews, but the virus just kept changing, wave after waves hit the world. Riots followed along with all kinds of natural disasters, earthquakes, wildfires, crop failures, near miss global confl

Viking Father's Letter to his Daughter

Estrid my little one I know you don't like it when I do this By the time you read this I will be gone Untold riches, treasures and honour Lay just, over the water On my return, I promise you a broach Just for you my daughter Don't fight too much with your brother I understand it's hard, but I know you can Yes I know, you can almost best him When you're big you will best any man One day a chieftain you will be Wise with Odin's wisdom, and strong Until then, you need to help your mother. I promise you, I won't be long The gods will watch over me So Don't lament for a swift return I have gold and treasures to gather And much honour to earn Now.. If the norns have cruelly fated My death day in this foreign land Know I died with honour With a shield on my arm and sword in my hand Do not weep at my passing Remember, a great warrior you will be I will watch over you from Valhalla Mighty Thor, sat next to me Be strong my little one you knew this day would come You k

How To Start Prepping From Day 1

Bear in mind that most of what I say in this post is my opinion . It has been over a year and a half since the UK went into lockdown for the first time. If the past year and a half has made you realise that relying on the government to come to the rescue when things go wrong is a pointless excersise, and maybe becoming more self reliant is a good idea, well.. With the possibility of yet another Covid 19 variant just around the corner and the Green/covid passport being in the news and media more and more, you could not have picked a better time to get ready, you know, just in case. Let me get a few things straight, right off the bat. First . Some might thing that "preppers" are a very close nit, paranoid people only out for them selves, this isn't true, the way most people who prep see it as, the more people who start preparing for an emergency situation the better, that way there will be less people crying for help in a shtf scenario. Second You do not have to go out and

Are We Moving Into A Dystopian World?

Over the last year or so our governments have told us time and time again that they do not intend to implement a "Vaccine Passport. To put it into a nutshell this passport is proof that you have been vaccinated against Covid 19 and possibly it's variants. If you can show the paperwork to show that you have "had both of the jabs" you will be allowed to travel outside of your area. The government (when I use the term government I am mainly referring to the British prime minister Boris Johnson and the Health secretary Mat Hancock). The government has said that you may be able to leave your area and even the country if you can show up to date paper work showing that you have been vaccinated. You will not need to show proof of vaccination to enter pubs, clubs and shops, instead it will be left to the discretion of that business owner as to whether they will need to see your vaccination paperwork before they allow you on their premises. On the subject of busine

How To Man Up and The Nine Noble Virtues.

 In today's episode I want to talk a little bit about how to Man up. In today's world the when someone tells you to "man up" they usually mean get a grip, stop feeling upset or down and to be honest I hate that. That kind of man up usually implies the old, Me man, do man things, you woman mind set that only leads to what people now call toxic masculinity It's ok to feel upset or down about Something, being in touch with your feelings does not make you less of a man. Look, the way I see it, there are not enough real men in the world today I'm talking about real men who are good, decent roll models men with traits such as a devotion to work, pride in excelling at sports, and providing for their family, men who are not considered "toxic". With their me man, do man things, drink beer and watch football, fast cars, women, more beer, fwarr look at her, grunt, grunt knuckle draggers, kind of man with notches on his bedpost showing how many women he has s

S1e3 The Survivor (Ghost Town)

I think I was only driving for about 30 minutes when i saw my first sign of what was civilisation. There were plumes of black smoke rising into the air turning what was a blue summer sky into a dark mass of grey clouds. I pulled up just and just sat, looking, the street I had parked on was impassable, in any vehicle. The houses and buildings which lined the streets were nothing looked like  nothing more than empty shells, blood smears on the windows where people had tried to get away from those things, people's possessions scattered throughout the street, burning cars had been overturned and the smell. I had only once before smelled what I was smelling and that was when I was called to report on a road traffic accident on the outskirts of London. Once you smell it you never forget the smell of burning flesh. I have to admit that at this point the last thing I wanted to do was get off the coach and start walking through the apocalyptic landscape that stretched out in front of me. Bu

What is a SHTF Scenario?

So, what exactly is meant by SHTF (Shit Hitting The Fan)? You can ask 500 Preppers what SHTF means and you will get 500 different answers, usually a Prepper will prepare for the worst possible thing that could happen to them, in the area they live in, be it hurricane like Hurricane Florence, which is hitting America as we speak, an earthquake or a heavy snow storm, on top of this they could also be prepping for a bigger, more unlikely yet still possible SHTF scenario, such as an EMP, economic collapse, the grid going down, permanently or anything else which would mean the collapse of society as we know it and a return to the dark ages. A SHTF scenario does not have to be some kind of natural disaster or the zombie apocalypse, it can be something more personal and relevant to them. Loosing a job, not getting that promotion at work, or a house or kitchen being badly flooded or even being mugged. Basically SHTF is anything unexpected that could change a person's life or have a negativ