Monday, 30 March 2020

Lockdown week one

The UK has been locked down for a week now, social distancing is a thing and staying at home is becoming the law. We are "supposed" to only leave the house for essential foods, medical reasons, to help a vulnerable person with supplies, once a day for exercise or to go to work, but only if you can not work from home. 

Here in the UK, the government has earmarked certain types of services and businesses as essential for keeping the country going during the lockdown. Obviously the emergency services are too if that list.

I guess I am lucky in one respect that the job I do has been identified as one of jobs that can not close down, so I can not "Stay At Home" I have to go to work.

This is a double edged sword though, although I am happy in the fact that I can go out, I know that while I am out and especially when I am at work I run the risk of becoming infected with Corvid19. 

The last thing I want is to become infected or have a part of my cloths contaminated and bring this virus into my home.

Saying that, there are some people who are still insisting that this is nothing more than the flu and that the media has hyped it up and brainwashed everyone. 

These are the same people who do not accept or adhere to social distinsing or staying at home, for them it is business as normal.

Two weeks ago the government was advising us to just stay at home, it was the above mentioned people who ignored the message and caused the government to impose a lockdown.

At the moment we don't know for sure how long this lockdown will last, some government sources say we could be locked down for 3-6 month while others are saying that it looks like the spread is starting to slow down, at least hospital admissions are starting to slow down.

I would like to think that we can just about see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I doubt that this is the case. 

I still believe that this is just the beginning and more is yet to come, also bearing in mind, that this could only be the first wave,the virus could and probably will return in a second wave this autumn. 

Saturday, 21 March 2020


I found the post below on a private preppers page on Facebook and had to post it here, given what we are seeing today as we stand thigh deep in Pandemic city this post might be a bitter pill for some and, I hope a wake up call for others.

My sister in law found this and posted. Lana Young Jones. . please read!!!
I know we don’t all have the same political views. Heck that is what makes America great. But respecting each others views without shaming people is essential. Please read this.  


I talked with a man today, an 80+ year old man.  I asked him if there was anything I can get him while this Coronavirus scare was gripping America.

He simply smiled, looked away and said:

"Let me tell you what I need!  I need to believe, at some point, this country my generation fought for... I need to believe this nation we handed safely to our children and their children...

I need to know this generation will quit being a bunch of sissies...that they respect what they've been given...that they've earned what others sacrificed for."

I wasn't sure where the conversation was going or if it was going anywhere at all.  So, I sat there, quietly observing.  

"You know, I was a little boy during WWII.  Those were scary days.   We didn't know if we were going to be speaking English, German or Japanese at the end of the war.  There was no certainty, no guarantees like Americans enjoy today.  

And no home went without sacrifice or loss.  Every house, up and down every street, had someone in harm's way.  Maybe their Daddy was a soldier, maybe their son was a sailor, maybe it was an uncle.  Sometimes it was the whole damn family...fathers, sons, uncles...

Having someone, you love, sent off to wasn't less frightening than it is today.  It was scary as Hell.  If anything, it was more frightening.  We didn't have battle front news.  We didn't have email or cellphones.  You sent them away and you prayed.  You may not hear from them for months, if ever.  Sometimes a mother was getting her son's letters the same day Dad was comforting her over their child's death.

And we sacrificed.  You couldn't buy things.  Everything was rationed.  You were only allowed so much milk per month, only so much bread, toilet paper.  EVERYTHING was restricted for the war effort.  And what you weren't using, what you didn't need, things you threw away, they were saved and sorted for the war effort.  My generation was the original recycling movement in America.

And we had viruses back then...serious viruses.  Things like polio, measles, and such.  It was nothing to walk to school and pass a house or two that was quarantined.  We didn't shut down our schools.  We didn't shut down our cities.  We carried on, without masks, without hand sanitizer.  And do you know what?  We persevered.  We overcame.  We didn't attack our President, we came together.  We rallied around the flag for the war.  Thick or thin, we were in it to win.  And we would lose more boys in an hour of combat than we lose in entire wars today."

He slowly looked away again.  Maybe I saw a small tear in the corner of his eye.  Then he continued:

"Today's kids don't know sacrifice. They think a sacrifice is not having coverage on their phone while they freely drive across the country.  Today's kids are selfish and spoiled.  In my generation, we looked out for our elders.  We helped out with single moms who's husbands were either at war or dead from war.  Today's kids rush the store, buying everything they concern for anyone but themselves.  It's shameful the way Americans behave these days.  None of them deserve the sacrifices their granddads made. 

So, no I don't need anything.  I appreciate your offer but, I know I've been through worse things than this virus.  But maybe I should be asking you, what can I do to help you?  Do you have enough pop to get through this, enough steak?  Will you be able to survive with 113 channels on your tv?"

I smiled, fighting back a tear of my humbled by a man in his 80's.  All I could do was thank him for the history lesson, leave my number for emergency and leave with my ego firmly tucked in my rear.

I talked to a man today.  A real man.  An American man from an era long gone and forgotten.  We will never understand the sacrifices.  We will never fully earn their sacrifices.  But we should work harder to learn about them..learn from respect them.

Original post author: Mandy Brockway

Friday, 13 March 2020

So You "Think" Herd Immunity Will Work?

Today is Friday 13th March 2020, I have spent part of this evening reading about something called Herd Immunity and how the UK government, My government, the people who have been charged with leading the United Kingdom think that this will be a good idea when it comes to stemming the spread of the Corona Virus in the UK. 

I am speechless. The UK Governments plan to stop or mitigate the spread of Corvid19 is Heard Immunity, letting 60% of the population get infected, this way, those who are infected "should" protect those who are more vulnerable.

The theory works like this, if you have someone with measles and surround that person with people who have been vaccinated against measles, then the virus has nowhere to go so burns its self out and disappears, experts say that this is the method they use to protect cattle and has been proven to work by stemming the spread of disease and shielding the weak. 

To date this has been proven to work, when a vaccine has been included.

In the mean time, as far as I can see, the government have no plans to reduce or stop public gatherings, close schools, universities or lock down our borders by way of mitigating the virus. Instead we are told to wash our hands, sanitise if you cant wash your hands and self isolate and stay off work for 7 days if you think that you might have any corvid19 symptoms.

In my opinion this is absolute madness, their plan is to do nothing and let the country become infected with a SARS variant which can be fatal to anyone with an underlying health problem, the old, infirm and people with compromised immune systems

Now I know what it looks like but, no, this is not population control. This is a well thought out plan by experts, which, in theory "should" work.

Is there any wonder the conspiracy theorists are going mad over this.

I have posted a link which will take you to the governments plan with regards to combating the Corona virus HERE 
You Can Also click HERE to read about the flaws in this well thought out plan (sarcasm intended)

In the mean time, be safe and take care of you and yours, me? Im going to ry to contact the Aliens which are freely wondering our planet to ask if they will abduct me now. I have had enough now 

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Corona virus Pandemic. A scientist's Letter

Earlier today someone from a prepping group I am a member of posted this article regarding the Corona virus. I have fact checked the letter and the author of the letter and both have came back as legitimate.

If you Google the author of the letter there are many sites which can confirm that James Robb is who he claims and did write this letter which has already gone viral

"For those of you concerned about the coronavirus.

Posting with permission:

The author is James Robb, MD UC San Diego

Subject: What I am doing for the upcoming COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic

Dear Colleagues, as some of you may recall, when I was a professor of pathology at the University of California San Diego, I was one of the first molecular virologists in the world to work on coronaviruses (the 1970s). I was the first to demonstrate the number of genes the virus contained. Since then, I have kept up with the coronavirus field and its multiple clinical transfers into the human population (e.g., SARS, MERS), from different animal sources.

The current projections for its expansion in the US are only probable, due to continued insufficient worldwide data, but it is most likely to be widespread in the US by mid to late March and April.

Here is what I have done and the precautions that I take and will take. These are the same precautions I currently use during our influenza seasons, except for the mask and gloves.:

1) NO HANDSHAKING! Use a fist bump, slight bow, elbow bump, etc.

2) Use ONLY your knuckle to touch light switches. elevator buttons, etc.. Lift the gasoline dispenser with a paper towel or use a disposable glove.

3) Open doors with your closed fist or hip - do not grasp the handle with your hand, unless there is no other way to open the door. Especially important on bathroom and post office/commercial doors.

4) Use disinfectant wipes at the stores when they are available, including wiping the handle and child seat in grocery carts.

5) Wash your hands with soap for 10-20 seconds and/or use a greater than 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer whenever you return home from ANY activity that involves locations where other people have been.

6) Keep a bottle of sanitizer available at each of your home's entrances. AND in your car for use after getting gas or touching other contaminated objects when you can't immediately wash your hands.

7) If possible, cough or sneeze into a disposable tissue and discard. Use your elbow only if you have to. The clothing on your elbow will contain infectious virus that can be passed on for up to a week or more!

What I have stocked in preparation for the pandemic spread to the US:

1) Latex or nitrile latex disposable gloves for use when going shopping, using the gasoline pump, and all other outside activity when you come in contact with contaminated areas.

Note: This virus is spread in large droplets by coughing and sneezing. This means that the air will not infect you! BUT all the surfaces where these droplets land are infectious for about a week on average - everything that is associated with infected people will be contaminated and potentially infectious. The virus is on surfaces and you will not be infected unless your unprotected face is directly coughed or sneezed upon. This virus only has cell receptors for lung cells (it only infects your lungs) The only way for the virus to infect you is through your nose or mouth via your hands or an infected cough or sneeze onto or into your nose or mouth.

2) Stock up now with disposable surgical masks and use them to prevent you from touching your nose and/or mouth (We touch our nose/mouth 90X/day without knowing it!). This is the only way this virus can infect you - it is lung-specific. The mask will not prevent the virus in a direct sneeze from getting into your nose or mouth - it is only to keep you from touching your nose or mouth.

3) Stock up now with hand sanitizers and latex/nitrile gloves (get the appropriate sizes for your family). The hand sanitizers must be alcohol-based and greater than 60% alcohol to be effective.

4) Stock up now with zinc lozenges. These lozenges have been proven to be effective in blocking coronavirus (and most other viruses) from multiplying in your throat and nasopharynx. Use as directed several times each day when you begin to feel ANY "cold-like" symptoms beginning. It is best to lie down and let the lozenge dissolve in the back of your throat and nasopharynx. Cold-Eeze lozenges is one brand available, but there are other brands available.

I, as many others do, hope that this pandemic will be reasonably contained, BUT I personally do not think it will be. Humans have never seen this snake-associated virus before and have no internal defense against it. Tremendous worldwide efforts are being made to understand the molecular and clinical virology of this virus. Unbelievable molecular knowledge about the genomics, structure, and virulence of this virus has already been achieved. BUT, there will be NO drugs or vaccines available this year to protect us or limit the infection within us. Only symptomatic support is available.

I hope these personal thoughts will be helpful during this potentially catastrophic pandemic. You are welcome to share this email. Good luck to all of us! Jim

James Robb, MD FCAP"

Thursday, 27 February 2020

The Corona virus.

When it comes to the "Corona virus" I have purposefully stayed quiet, I believe that I don't know enough about it to give any advice, there are loads of Youtube channels out there who give excellent advise on the subject anyway, The Canadian Prepper and Full Spectrum Survival to name two.

Yet here I am, finally talking about it, not jumping on the band wagon to get views or anything like that. I believe I finally have something to say on the subject.

See, I have a Corona virus.. No, not "the" Corona virus, Corvid-19. I have a cold. The Corona virus has been with us for years in one form or another, it is seasonal flu, the common cold, man flu, and the sniffles.

What makes Corvid-19 (to give it its new proper name) different is our bodies have no experience of fighting this virus, we have no antibodies when it comes to this one and what antibodies we do have dont know what to do.

Corvid-19 can last for up to 5 days on most surfaces and is passed via the mouth, nose and eyes in droplet or aerosol form. Studies have also found live Corvid-19 cells in human excrement.

The problem I am having is, the more articles I read and videos I watch on the subject, the more questions I have.
As an example, when the news first broke of a new "Novel" Corona virus in Wuhan, China, it was reported that the only laboratory in China able to deal with such a virus, research wise, was in Wuhan.

Sorry but was I the only person in the world who watched this report and thought..

"Well that is not at all suspicious, but very convenient".

It also seems a little bit suspect how there are four or five laboratories in Wuhan, some with a level 1 security status, these labs mainly work on cosmetic research while the labs who have a level 4 security status work on biochemicals and the like. You can see where I am going with this line of thought, yes?

In the same report it was said that the virus was thought to have came from a wet market in Wuhan, later it was discovered that the virus came from a bat, or bat soup.

OK, I have another problem, wet markets have been around since, well for ever, chances are they have been selling animals that are alive, dead, alive but killed and made into some sort of food while you wait or are all ready food for almost as long as wet markets have been around.

So it seems perfectly acceptable to ask..


Why now I mean..

What did the bat/s do or come into contact with that was different this time that could cause this outbreak? These has to have been some kind of external change to have caused this outbreak now, rather than at any time on the past.

I have heard a few theories as to why this virus is here, now.

One of my friends has said that "the virus could have been released as a form of population control".

I honestly can not find an argument against this theory.

Then there is the idea that "the virus was released by way of lining the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, who would of course be charged with creating a cure for this virus, obviously at a cost".

Again, I have no argument against this idea.

Then there is that one Chinese scientist who spoke out about the virus and how China was handling the situation and how he has suddenly gone missing. (Nah, this is definitely not suspicious)..

On the subject of scientists, it is usual for a scientist to write a paper when they discover something or have an update about something. This is known as a "White Paper" .

This paper contains the information about the discovery, how it was made, evidence and theories about possible applications or implications of said discovery.

Now I can totally understand why the CDC and the World Health Organisation would be interested in these papers by way of helping further their research into containing and eradicating Corvid-19.

What I dont understand is why the CDC and World Health Organisation are saying that they want all papers, before they are published so that they can decide on whether to release these papers into the public domain. I am sorry but I am getting all kinds of red flags and warning bells when it comes to this one.

Next, I have heard that the Corvid-19 virus has been disassembled, the scientists who did this have bypassed the CDC and WHO mandate and instead they have released their paper. Part of this paper talks about how parts of the Corvid-19 virus seems to contain "Man Made" proteins, it goes on to say that part of the HIV virus was found. (Though no evidence was sighted to substantiate this claim).

I dont think of my self as a conspiracy theory fan, there are way to many of them to give credence to but in this case I am sure that there is more to this virus than is being told.

No doubt more questions will come up as this virus continues to sweep the world.