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Blogging Is Therapeutic?

The year is 2021. It has been over a year since I made a post here, unfortunately I can make no excuses this time. I just didn't post anything. At one point I even considered calling it a day with blogging. I am so glad that I didn't do it, looking back I have so many memories sat right here, like the time I phoned a radio station in the hope of finding my daughter and the time my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to get two pet rats.. and how we ended up with around 12 of the little fuzz balls Right now I feel the need to take back to its roots as a personal blog, a place where I can get things off my chest, a place to vent about, well things and people. At the time of writing this I am also thinking about starting a second YouTube channel, where I can make video blogs about well, things and people again, I might even post some of them here. If I do start a second channel, one thing I am thinking about doing is uploading some of my old video blogs, not all
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What Motivates Me?

I want to change the direction of For the most part my blog has been a personal blog of sorts, a place where I jotted down my thoughts and ideas. Ok, maybe the words "change of direction" are the wrong words, let me put it s different way. As you know I am a huge horror fan, I also love the outdoors, I have dabbled in prepping and have an interest in bushcraft. For the past few month I have been working on my fitness, getting rid of the visceral fat and all the other fats which I have managed to build up after years of eating what I wanted while having the momentum of a slug with a bad foot. So, here's what I want to do, here's my motivation. I want to write more and do more things related to bushcraft and survival. I want to get into shape. Why? Here's why, let's go with the worst possible scenario, something which for the most part is unlikely to happen but, it's still there, in the back of your mind. What if the world as we know it came to a

2020 New Year Resolutions

Fixing My Life Even before I start writing this I cant help wonder how many blog posts are going to hit the internet in the next 24 hours with the same title. Truth be told I am once again not making any resolutions for the next year/decade. The plans I have for the forthcoming 12 month I started on December 1st this year (2019), My only resolution was to get in shape and 31 days later I am still sticking by it, I am eating a more healthy diet, no junk food at all, not even a sniff. I dont take sugar in my coffee now and have even cut the amount of that down as well. On December 5th I started the 100 press ups a day for 30 days challenge and so far I have stuck to it. I walk to work instead of taking the bus. Instead of making more resolutions I am planning on upping the amount of press ups I am doing from 100 to 125 on the 7th January, I have a set of workouts I plan to start next month as well. If anything I am drawing a lot of inspiration from a YouTube video I watched a few day ago

Getting Fit At 50(+)

I have always been one to buck tradition, when I got married, I took my wife's surname, my four children have five letters in their first name (except one, sorry)and so on. Last month I decided that I didnt want to wait until January 1st to kick start the changes I wanted to make in my life. Note: I dont like calling them "New Year Resolutions", in my eye just calling them that dooms them to failure. I mean, why wait until a certain date to make life changes? I started my changes on December 1st, possibly the worst time of year to do this but hey. So, what are these changes?  Bit of a story first, for the past six or so month I have been watching what I eat in an effort to loose weight. I havnt been weighing my self every week in the hope of the scales telling me that I have shed a few ounces, in stead I have been using a belt to tell me that.  If I have to make another hole in the belt which holds up my trousers then I have lost weight, after cutting three holes in a UK

That Sound Hurts

I am in actual, physical pain right now. I havnt had an accident or anything like that, I am in pain because of the noise that is going on at the moment, not the amount of noise but its pitch. I lost about 80% of the hearing in my left ear in spring of this year, no idea how or why but I have. The thing is, the pitch of some sounds can cause me actual physical pain, kids screaming is a good one, shouting is another. When there is a lot of noise going on at the same time I get what I can only describe as an audio over load, as my good ear tries to pick out and prioritise what I need to hear over the background hustle and bustle, sometimes my right ear just overloads and throws everything at me which basically deafens me, I am hearing almost nothing except white noise in my left ear and I am hearing every sound available in my other. Anyway, we have workmen round at the moment removing the cavity wall insulation so we can get new (better) put in, its part of some kind of government schem

Keep Britain British.

How often have you heard people complaining about refugees and people from other countries settling in England? How often have you read a comment or heard someone saying "Keep Britain British"!, "Keep the foreigners out of England, England is for the English"!? You have probably heard a lot more of this of late, more so over the last few years. I know I have. The problem is that, what most people fail to realise is that the "British" people are of mixed race, each and every one of us.. We are an island of mutts, there is not a single 100% pure British person in this country, hell even the Queen of England is German. The average resident of the UK is, at best 60.5% European a large percentage of this being Irish, and around 36% Anglo Saxon Source   (the Saxons hail from Northern Germany, The Netherlands and Denmark) with the remaining 3.5% or there about hailing from where ever people can hail from. As a British person, you have an almost global gene pool,

Pyjama Mamma`s

What is this skulduggery?! Two posts in less than a week? Someone has hacked into iJim`s blog! Quick someone call who ever deals with this. Nah, everything is ok, no one has hacked my blog, I had the need, the want to have a short rant. Pyjama Mamma`s, people, usually female (sorry) who spend their days in their PJ`s.. Dont get me wrong, PJ days are OK, spending the day in front of the TV in Your pyjamas is fine, I have no problems with that. I do however have problems with people who "just nip out to the shop" in their jammies, but whats worse than that is the people who take a trip into town and do a full shop in their pyjamas. If you are one of these people, someone who does a full shop around town in your night ware I have two words for you. 1: Why?! 2: Dignity (Get some)!! So, why the mini rant? I can hear you think. Well boys, girls and those of you of mixed or no gender, I have had a bit of a bee in my bonnet about people just nipping to the shop in their pyjamas for a