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Hi, iJim here, so you clicked the about me page which means only one thing. You want to know who or what I am. Well, where to start.
I am Jim or iJim, I am a huge horror and Scifi movie fan, huge. I am also a bit of a monster lore nerd, I just hate it when movie creators get basic monster lore wrong or are just too lazy to research things properly; The Twilight Saga as a case in point. Vampires do not sparkle in sunlight, they burn or explode and die and no, they do not posses a magical artefact which helps them walk in the sun. They just dont.

Anyway, I am also a huge zombie fan, if there is a movie or TV show which has zombies as part of it, you can guarantee I will be watching it or making plans to watch it, this is where the i in iJim comes in, the i stands for infected, thus infected Jim.

As well as being a huge horror fan I am also an instructor in the Army Cadet Force, a big outdoorsy person, a husband and father to 4 wonderful children, five dogs, two cats, a noisy parrot, a tortoise and my son's snek.

About iJim UK (The Blog)

I set my blog up years ago, at first as a personal blog where I posted things about my day to day life or about things that had peeked my interest at that time, I chose to leave these posts alone, as they are memories of sorts of things I have written in the past.

Today my blog has become more of a journal for Future me a place where I give offbeat views and commentaries about the world as I see it, these can come in the form of a traditional blog post, a video or in the form of a podcast, sometimes all three.

Where do I see iJim.co.uk in 5 years time? To be honest I dont know, right now I am just having fun making posts.

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