Thursday, 28 November 2019

What Would You Do?

Imagine that the world as we know it has ended, whether it be a zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, EMP, what ever it is, society as we know it has ended, gone..

You and a few of your people are out on a scavenge when you come across two people who ask you to help them, one of the people might be injured.

The question is, do you help them?
I will give you a moment to think, weigh up the pros and cons
Be honest, remember

Its the apocalypse baby.

Times up, those people are wondering what's going to happen, are you going to help them?
Your people are starting to look a bit anxious, they want to keep moving,
What are you going to do?

Now I did ask my family and almost everyone I know on social, I didn't say what I would do, or not do, the only info I gave was

They looked on their 20's one looks female, the other looks Male 
You cant see what the injuries are, you need more info.

That's it,  oh and you may or may not be the leader of your people.
You are part of a team that has gone out on a scavenge for more supplies.

You might already have enough but are looking for more,

OK, lets say you have plenty supplies but are looking for more to make things a but easier, you're future proofing yourself

So, here are some of the replies.

From Mama: I need more info, but other than that, I would kill them and take their shit

My 16 year old son: need more info on them, I need to think about my people first, they are priority.

My wife: I would help them,  anything to keep the human race going,

And Garnette from the YouTube channel Dragin ink says that for him it us all about his people first,
If he thinks the people asking for help could be of use to him then he might help, a big thing is if there are kids involved, if there are kids then yes he probably would help but his priority is his kids and his wife.

Garnette also raised a good point chat I was going to make and that is that when the shit hits the fan and people are in trouble a lot of them will  change and do what ever it takes to ensure their survival above all else.

What Would I do?

Me, what would I do?

To be honest it would all depend on the situation, I don't know

I would like to think that I will be mentally ready for such a situation , but if I'm honest, I would probably be more like Murphy from season 1 of Znation, a snivelling coward with an overactive sense of self preservation

I'm not going to say, "Yeah I would help them because I'm a good person, its the right thing to do".

What happens if it is a trap, what if they are the patsy there to get into your base and steal your supplies or worse

Kill you and steal your supplies.

I saw a tweet once which said something like

“Yeah your cute and all that but, come the apocalypse, what can you bring to the table”?

These people will be a drain on your supplies, food, water and medical.

I would be asking
Are they worth the drain?

What can they do to counter the dent that they will make in my stockpile?

Can they do anything at all?

Then there is the option of just giving  them some help, fix the wound and give them a bit of food and water, and help them.on their way.
 that would be the easy thing to do

But Then If you do that then you might as well just throw those supplies away, what if your scavenge turns up nothing and you and your people or even if it's just you.

You need to make what you have last.

I know that there will be some of you out there who will say that you will help them anyway, its human nature and I need to show some humanity.

Not everyone is out to get you and hey, they are people and we should help regardless of the risk.

Problem is, not everyone is like that

There are people who are out for themselves and will do whatever it takes to make sure that they survive, regardless of the cost.


What would you do?

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