Friday, 12 October 2018

Is the Uk Government Sabotaging Brexit

Sometimes we cant see the wood for the trees, we are told what people want us to know and sometimes it is worded in such a way that what is said can change our views of a given subject.

For some time now I have been thinking that the UK government and those involved in thrashing out some kind of deal with the EU as we leave the EU havnt been doing as much as they could, then earlier this week or the end of last week I came across a post in a Facebook group that I am part of. This post came from Twitter and was talking about some of the things that the UK government has been doing to make leaving the EU without any deals in place more and more likely.

It felt as though all the bits of thoughts and ideas I had in my head about the Brexit negotiations had all moved into place. Below is a link to the original post and tweet, as well as the original tweet in audio format and video so you can hear what was said as well as some of my views on the situation

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