Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Changing My Mindset

I have never had any interest in hunting and fishing, in fact I have actively avoided any form of hunting since I can remember. The closest I have come to any form of hunting was when I went to a local wooded area with a friend of mine when I was a kid, I was about 11 possibly 12 years old at the time.
My friend brought his .22 air rifle with him and yes, I did get to have a play with it, shooting cans and targets we made on trees, a fun time was ha by all. Until he saw a bird in a tree and decided we should try to shoot it. I declined, making some kind of excuse so he took aim and taking his shot hit the bird first time..
Guilt swept through me like a tidal wave as I watched it fall to the ground. I don't know whether it was that moment or something else that turned me against hunting and any sport which involved animals, to be honest, even now using the word animal and sport next to each other, in the same sentence sticks in my throat. Hell I was vegetarian for over 16 years and I know for a fact that if people were involved or could see what went into getting that lamb or cow from the field, onto your plate, there would be a whole lot more vegetarians and vegans in the world but, the powers that be don't want people to know or see what that process is. Probably because it would put the meat production market into financial crisis.
I have always said that I would never kill an animal.. unless my life depended on it, then I probably would, and this is where I am starting to have a change in the way I view hunting. Don't get me wrong, I still find hunting animals for sport or even using animals as part of a sport abhorrent. I hate it with a passion.
However, over the last few months I my mindset has started to change. Giving the way that we as a species are progressing, it will be only a matter of time before things go tits up in a very big way. It doesn't have to be a global disaster or anything like that, it could be an abnormal weather front heading our way which is threatening to cause a lot of damage and even render people homeless. (At the time of writing this a huge hurricane is heading towards North Carolina, America. I know people from that area).
With this in mind I have started to seriously look into hunting and the legalities of hunting in my area, I know that in a WORL (Without Rule Of Law) world where I will need to do what ever it takes to protect and keep my family safe and healthy all legalities are null and void, but at this point in time, We have a rule of law and I do not want to be flagged as someone who breaks the law.
Don't get me wrong, I have not started hunting, but I am learning about how to dispatch and clean an animal ready for consumption, as well as what animals I can eat and what animals need to be avoided. Instead I am practicing and homing my shooting skills with paper and card targets. The way I am thinking about it is twofold, “If I am not going to eat it, I will not kill it”., then, “Do I need to eat it, is it a matter survival?” If the answer to the second question is “No” then I will not kill the animal.
I live in England (in case you didn't know) so most fire arms are illegal, we can not open or conceal carry any fire arm, unless we are on private land with the consent of the land owner and even then the type of fire arm is restricted to air rifles and some types of shot gun which require a special licence to own. With this in mind I have chosen the slingshot (catapult) as my weapon of choice, they can be carried in the open or concealed legally “depending on your intent”, obviously if you are being a tool and acting up with your slingshot then the police will have issues with you carrying and using one. rBVaI1jd7aSACzrzAAM_j22E5Y8047
My other reason for choosing a slingshot over an air rifle or other weapon is ammunition, although most rock throwers will say that steal or lead balls are the best ammo to use, small rounded stones are just as good and these can be found almost everywhere and with slight modification, some slingshots can even fire arrows, which will be handy when it comes to fishing.
With the right type of elastic, slingshots can be made out of just about anything, yes, they do grow on trees.
As I said earlier, at the moment I am homing my skills by shooting targets, my plan is to become a dead shot with a sling, getting a grouping of less than 1 inch, exactly where I want it, last thing I want is to injure an animal and cause it distress. Once I can successfully hit a target where I wanted to hit it first time, every time at varying distances, then and only then will I consider going out with the intent on hunting anything, it is at this time I will be able to work on how much I have learned about cleaning and cooking which ever animal I have killed.
I have made myself a promise that when that time comes I will waist nothing and do what every I can to use every part of what ever animal I have just dispatched, but that will be a bridge I will cross in the future, right now, I have a set of objectives that I have to complete before I even get to the stage where I need to make use of every part of an animal.
Question for those of you, like me, who do not hunt. If you were in a SHTF scenario, would you?