Friday, 1 June 2018

Andrew Lincoln to leave The Walking Dead in S9

On June 29th 2018 news broke that The Walking Dead's Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln will be leaving the show after season 9, they went on to say that there is a possibility of other people leaving as their contracts are about to end.

I admit it, I am gutted about Rick leaving the show, he is a huge character, but.. he is not the only character in the show. I am flicking through Twitter and seeing tweets from TWD fans saying that the program will die without Rick. Sorry but if The Walking Dead dies because Andrew Lincoln has left, for what ever reason, then maybe the show doesn't deserve to be aired.

A bit harsh?

No, I dont believe it is. There are loads of very talented actors on AMC`s The Walking Dead. Andrew Lincoln is only one of them. The show is called The Walking Dead, Not Rick Grimes and The Walking Dead. I believe that to say that The Walking Dead will die because one of its cast leaves is disrespectful to all the other cast members.

Possible plot line, (just bear with me here) You're telling me that if in Season 9 if for what ever reason Negan, played by JD Morgan were to see Rick killed by a zombie and suddenly sees the good that Rick had done for all of the communities he has an epiphany and changes his ways, and starts to lead the four communities as Rick would?

Obviously I have left out Hilltop because Maggie woukd never forgive Negan for killing her husband.

But your still going to tell me with JD Morgan in the lead the shiw woukd still fail? No, your not.

We need to give other cast members, characters and the production team a chance and come one, you can't tell me that your just a little bit interested to see how the script writers go without one of their lead characters.

Yes, I agree, hearing that Andrew Lincoln is leaving in Season 9 sucks, it also such to hear that we might be loosing Maggie played by Lauren Cohan or Carol, played by Melissa McBride or even, dare I say it, we loose Daryl Dixon played by Norman Readus. There are a few of the cast whose contracts are due to expire in Season 9. Some may leave, some might have their contract renewed. What ever happens, season 9 is going to be filled with action and heart break.

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