Friday, 6 April 2018

Not Exactly Fashionable.

I admit that I am not a fashionable person, I never have been. I dont see the point of spending £30.00 on a shirt when I could get two pairs of trousers and a shirt, and still have change from £30.00. I prefer to dress for practicality, if its warm I will wear trainers and a t-shirt, if its cold and wet, I will wear boots and a nice chunky jumper.

Yes, when the need arises I can dress to impress, I have to say that at times I can look quite the gent, but I dont see the point of putting my "good" shoes and a shirt and tie on if I am going to be doing the garden or clearing out the shed.

 Maybe I am not the right person to be steering his blog in the Lifestyle blog direction, after all most male lifestyle blogs are about fashion and being well groomed or travelling, whereas given the chance I would much rather be digging through a clothes racks of a second hand thrift store looking for a bargain. I shave using a razor I paid £5.75 for and with five dogs I dont get to travel that much.

But this is real life and not everyone in life has the money to be able to buy that awesome looking double breasted suit and have their razors hand made while they jet off to California because they can.

At the time of writing this I am 89.5 Kg, I have a pot belly and I have not had a shave in two days, my boots are dirty and untied and I am OK with that, well apart from the pot belly, I`m not OK with that bit.

I am opinionated, usually something somewhere has caused my plans to not go according to plan. I hate waist and I like to save where I can (even though I have a habit of spending money on things I really don't need, like another pair of sunglasses when I already have about 12 pairs).

Maybe I am not the right person to be writing a lifestyle blog.

Or maybe, just maybe I am.

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