Saturday, 14 April 2018

My Daily Routine

I thought it would be cool to share a day in my life as I dont think I have ever done it before.

My wife starts work early three days out five so our day usually starts at 6.00 we are rudely awakened by our alarm clocks and a chorus of dogs shouting.

I consider myself a morning person, even through I take my time getting out of bed, there is something special about watching the sun rise on a brand new day, especially when you get to see the sun rise, it feels as though we have had nothing but rain so far this year.

My first point of call is usually the kitchen to put a pan of milk on the hob for my wifes morning coffee and switch the kettle on for my morning cup of tea.

I know I have said this before somewhere, but I am not a breakfast person, just the thought of putting food in my mouth in the morning turns my stomach, so while my wife is having her breakfast I get on making everyone's packed lunches.

If I am lucky, which I'm usually not, I have everything ready for 7am, which is when I wake the rest if the tribe. One and a half frantic hours later, everyone has either left for school or is putting their coats on and heading out the door.

9 o'clock is when I usually get back in from the school run and start getting the jobs around the house done.

Once all the jobs (or most of them have been done) I sit down and start to work on ideas for future blog posts and podcasts or actually working on a blog post.

This could be either just jotting down ideas, making a first draft or even getting out and looking for photographs that need to be taken.

Inspiration can hit you out of the blue so I always have my mobile phone to hand so I can take that photo or just jot down a few notes while I am on the bus.

When I am away from my computer I use the WordPress app on my mobile phone (I am actually typing this part of the post on my phone). I love this app, without it I would not be able to write drafts or post ideas as and when they pop into my head.

I would 100% recommend getting a WordPress or Blogger app installed on your phone to anyone thinking about starting up a blog.

Needless to say that there is a chance that the plans that I make on any given day don't go according to plan, things like one of my kids being ill, a flat tyre on my bike or anything else happening can throw my day off on a tangent and before I know it, it's 2.45 and time for me to get organised to collect my daughter from school.

By 3.30 most of my family is back at home and its time to start thinking about what everyone is going to have for tea as my kids vanish to their various rooms and that is my day, to a greater or lesser extent.

By the time my wife gets in from work and we eat the day is all but over. Though we do like to end the day with either a good horror movie or a Tv show about the Paranormal.

I feel that I should say that weekends and holidays are a totally different kettle of fish. 😂



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