Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Ice-Cream For Dinner...

Have you ever had one of those days where your plans dont go according to plan? Something happens and that`s it, that thing that you wanted to do today is not an option.

That was the day I had yesterday, today and tomorrow, in fact I dont think I will be able to do what I planned to do this week until at least the weekend.

7.00 yesterday morning I did what I do nearly every week day and woke my kids up for school and college. I was met with the usual grunts and groans that I get every morning, except from my daughter who whispered from under her pillow,

"I dont feel well, my tummy hurts".

Needless to say I thought that she was trying to pull a sick day and told her to get ready and come down stairs, about 2 minutes later she came into the living room clutching her stomach saying,

"Can I have a bowl? I`m gong to be sick",

In her best I`m very not very well voice,

... and she was sick, lots of times.

My daughters school has a policy where a child can not set foot on school grounds for 48 hours after the last time he or she has been sick which means she will be off school now until Wednesday, possibly even Monday of next month because she starts her Easter holidays on Friday.

[caption id="attachment_2049" align="aligncenter" width="468"]icecream, not well Big Bowl Of Ice-Cream[/caption]

The good news is that she is feeling a lot better today, she has eaten and had ice-cream because as everyone knows ice-cream makes everything feel a bit better. Its the law, if your not feeling well you need ice-cream because that will make you feel all better.

The good news is I got to spend some quality time with my daughter and her PS Veta which never leaves her side and I got to work on my blog which is a good thing.

Oh well...

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