Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why Im leaving YouTube

OK so YouTube has been making a lot of changes of late, a lot of these changes have been to the detriment of the people who create videos on YouTube.
But why am I leaving I hear you think, well, as you know I have been making videos for YouTube for nearly 4 years now and have noticed a change in both the website and the people who upload to it, once upon a time YouTube had a community, a bunch of people who commented on each others videos and gave a damn about each other, this has changed. It is all about the money now, even from Youtubes stand point, its all about advertising space.
It is starting to feel as though YouTube view its creators as more of a commodity, a tool to make money and thats it, if you make them lots of money you are in their good books, if you dont, well, you dont matter.

A once friendly community has grown toxic and unfriendly. A haven for trolls and hate.

I guess the last straw was when I checked my channel with YouTubes new Restricted mode turned on and found that out of the 52 I had uploaded to YouTube, only 35 were visible, the rest had been restricted and hidden from the internet, because they were deemed as not advertiser friendly. What got me is that next month I will loose all of my ad revenue as YouTube pulls all adverts from my videos because I have less than 10,000 views on my channel, yet they still choose to hide some of my videos.

All is not as bad as it seems though. I am still going to be making videos and I am still going to upload my videos, but now I am uploading them to Vid.me and the new channel I have created there vid.me/iJimUK

Vidme has been called the Video sharing site that YouTube used to be and should be again with a lovely friendly community who are only to happy to reply to your comments and help out smaller channels.
They have no thumbs up and NO thumbs down options on your videos, instead you get to "Upvote" the videos you like so that they get a chance to be featured on Vidme`s home page. If you dont like the video all you can do is click away to another video.

At the moment Vidme is still in its early stages, only being on line since 2015 I think but I am excited to get in while it is still young. I have not been this excited about making videos for a long time and it feels good.
At the moment the only restrictions I have on my videos is a 1gb upload limit per week, which I am told will be lifted, giving me unlimited uploads when, if Vidme verifies my channel, which I hope, will come in time.

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