Thursday, 20 October 2016

I Deleted My Youtube Channel

Yes, you read right, I have deleted my Youtube channel. Saying that, it was a complete accident. This is how it all happened, while pottering about on my laptop two days ago (19th october 2016) I decided to unlink my YouTube channel from its Google+ page, for those of you that don't know, Google+ does not, or never used to allow people to use their social media platform under pseudonyms or business names, you had to use your real name.

I assume that Google received a lot of complaints about this so created the G+ page for businesses and branding options, a page lets you change your profile name as often as you want (I think) unlike the personal profile of your main G+ account where you can only change your name 3 times every 90 days (again, I think).

Moving on, with the advent of the Google+ page, when you make a Youtube channel, you are automatically linked to a Google+ page so you can create a brand around your channel. Because my YouTube channel was created before Google+ pages were a thing I could, note the Could unlink my channel from its page and link or choose not to link it to my personal profile, which is what I was planning to do.

Little did I know that Youtube had done its usual and made changes without telling anyone, I had done this many times so knew how it went. Click here, click there, tick a couple of boxes and confirm.. and I get the message saying that I had successfully deleted my Google+ page and my YouTube channel

Needless to say I contacted YouTube almost right away, explaining what I had did and why. I will give YouTube support its due, they contacted be within a couple of hours, to tell me that deleted YouTube channels are permanent, however, if they were deleted from outside of the Youtube dashboard I "might" be able to get it back. 
Along with this little ray of hope they included a link where I could try to undelete my Google account, nothing about my Youtube channel, just my Google account, which was still there.

Bringing you back to today, I have had to start a brand new YouTube channel, rejoin my Youtube network, Freedom, who totally understood the reason why I suddenly left and bent over backwards to get me signed up again with my original username, iJim. Kanny bunch they are. 

Next thing on my list is to troll through some of the videos I still had on my hard drive with a view of uploading them again. 

My plan with my new channel is to make videos for Future me, as a kind of reminder of my past and my memories incase, as I get older my memory starts to fail. So far I have two videos uploaded and another seven ready to edit. 

The best thing about all this was that, after I made a tweet saying that I had restarted my channel, giving the link, three people subscribed to my new channel, before I had even uploaded a video.

Some people rock.. I know the people who read my blog posts and watch my videos do for sure.

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