Thursday, 15 September 2016

My First Run

If you follow me on Twitter or have watched any of my more recent videos on YouTube, you will know that I have started running and more exercising a lot more. You will probably also know that this week I went for my first solo run and even though I did enjoy it I also pushed myself a little too hard.

I have not been able to walk properly now for about three days because of the aching in my legs. Yep, I over did it and have paid the price for it. If you watch the One take video I uploaded to YouTube yesterday, you will see what I mean.

Looking back, I would say that what happened is a good thing, a lesson learned and one I will remember. 

I am not a marathon runner, I have to be patient and build up my running slowly, a day at a time otherwise I will end up the same way as I did this week and hardly able to walk, let alone run. 
With this in mind I am going to start interval training, walking the distance between two lamp posts and then running the distance between the next two. I am going to start with small runs, say, round the block I live in and slowly widen the block so it gets bigger and bigger. 
I am also going to incorporate lots of other exercises as well. 

Yep, my first run will be one to remember. 
If your wondering about the thumb nail for this video, I actually just lay on the floor and asked one of my children if he would take the picture for me, while trying to stop my dogs from photobombing us, even though it might look like I am, I am was in little if any pain at the time.  

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