22 July 2016

Who is this Jodie James?

A new blog header and  no doubt people will be asking who or what is this Jodie James and what does he have to do with iJim.co.uk, well boys, girls and those of you of mixed or no gender Jodie is me, when I was born I was given the name Jodie James and, well watch this short video and you will see why Jodie became Jim, who became Jodie again and why...

Although I am not expecting my wife and family to start calling me Jodie again I am going to use my given name as a header for my Youtube channel and most of my iJimTV related social media connections will, if they have not already be changed over to Jodie James.

I want to give the real me, my real thoughts on my Youtube channel and with the exception of TiR (The iJim Reports) I figure the best way to do this is by being me, the real me as I was up until I felt that I should swapover y names.

TiR will still be used when there is something I feel should be looked into a bit more,  news articles etc.

Hope this clears things up a bit for you.

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