Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Loosing my hearing?

At the time of writing this I am sat in the doctor's waiting room, ready to see my doctor about loosing the hearing in my right ear. I already know what the problem is, I have an excess of liquid in my inner ear which gives me almost constant Tinnitus, loss of hearing and vertigo, yay, welcome back Vertigo! Thought I had seen the last of you a few months back.

All I need is a professional to confirm my suspicions and then we can see where we go from here.

But what has happened to bring me to this point? Well after getting out of the bath a week or so ago I noticed that my ear felt a bit blocked, so I did what we all do and made sure it was properly dry, had a wife round with a cotton bud (eewww TMI) and carried on with my day, but the clogged up feeling didn't go away, instead ear ache started along with an almost total loss of hearing in my right ear, well except for the low level white noise I can hear which is now a constant, all this has been followed more recently by a sick feeling and slight dizziness and instability when I stand up.

If I am honest my main worry at the moment is having a bout of vertigo while I am out and about. Last time that happened, to the observer I looked as though I was drink to the point of not being able to walk straight. Yeah, that was a scary...

I'm back at home now. Doctor has told me that in part I am right. My vertigo is coming back and that I should start taking my dizzy meds as I call them again.

At least I am not loosing my hearing which is a good thing.

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