Sunday, 6 March 2016

Why I started my YouTube Channel

I am still finding it so hard to believe but on Tuesday the 8th March 2016, I have been blogging for exactly 10 years. I know, 10 years! So I thought to celebrate this, I would write a post about why I started making video blogs on YouTube, I know it sounds like it has nothing to do with blogging but hear me out, it does.

I had been writing a "personal" blog for about three or four years, it was more like an online diary than a blog (yes, I know). Anyway, I had started to get a bit obsessed with the idea being able to write blog posts without being in front of my computer, and people being able to hear my blog posts instead of just reading them, bearing in mind that this was at a time when most mobile phones did not have apps to do this, and mobile phone networks didnt offer data as part of your phone plan, but I still obsessed about it , trying all sorts of things like having a clickable audio plugin at the bottom of my posts which have now all been deleted as they no longer work, shame.

Eventually, and rather late in the game I stumbled across YouTube and there it was, not only a way that my readers could hear my posts but a way in which I could make my blog more of a personal, me to you experience. Unfortunately for my blog, the YouTube bug bit me and it bit hard, so hard that I started to neglect my blog in favor of my YouTube channel. Even after I deleted my first and second channel I still did not write to my blog, and it sat there on my own little place on the internet, abandoned and alone as I spent more and more time making videos for YouTube.

Over the past 10 years has had three address` the current address being the third, we have had three blog hosts, again this being the third and with any luck the last. And here we stand 10 years later and again I have been bitten by the blogging bug, most of the posts I have made over the last 10 years have been imported back here, where they belong and I sit typing this my 10th anniversary post wanting to blog, and use YouTube as a way to add that more personal touch to my blog, and use my blog as an extension to my YouTube channel.

I must admit, now that I have a direction for my blog and my YouTube channel I am excited to see where the next 10 years takes us. I want to leave you with a re-upload of my first ever video blog, just so we can look back on how far I have come.

Thank you all for your support over the last decade.




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