Thursday, 3 March 2016

Freedom! Network Application

In Wednesday's video Papa George said that you were wanting to employ more staff, staff who would love their job and do it even if they were not getting paid for it.

Dear Papa George, I believe that I am just the person you are looking for, let me tell you why.

First of all I love the Freedom family, I have to say I would have no problem working not only my internship without pay but, working on a voluntary basis for as long as Freedom finds necessary but, what would I bring to Freedom as a member of staff?

Well, I have over three and a half years of Technical support experience in the computer game industry and am able to use the right questions to help troubleshoot a lot of console and computer related problems. As a large percentage of Freedoms partners are gamers I believe that this could prove a valuable skill.

I also have over four and a half years of Customer service experience which I gained while working for a well known Mobile phone network and while working for various local authorities throughout the UK via an Outsourcing company who helped clear backlogs of Tax papers and forms.

I have recently passed my NVQ level 2 in Customer service and am able to efficiently communicate with people from all walks of life.

I am well versed in Equality and Diversity, Subconscious bias and the data protection act.

At 49 years old I believe I am mature enough to do what is required as well as follow plans and the requirements for the role I am required to fill on that day.

Apart from all this I spend almost all of my free time either planning videos for my channel or writing blog posts for my blog which I self host, so am very comfortable around computers and the internet, including Social Networks.

Which role do I think I am best suited for? Even though I have little sales experience I believe I would make a good Talent Agent, I believe in Freedom and want nothing more than to see it grow, not only in size but cross platform as well. I am aware that Freedom! offers partnership on YouTube and DailyMotion as well as the Chinese YouTube and probably many more, I also know that Freedom! partners with other smaller MCN`s and Networks and would love to see the Freedom family move cross platform to say partnering bloggers or even striking deals with the likes of Wordpress, Blogger and maybe even Tumblr.

As for me, unless you think I would be better suited in a different department I would like nothing more than searching YouTube, DailyMotion channels and Twitter for other video blogging channels who need to join my family.

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