2 November 2015

Trying to leave my YouTube Network

Last month I emailed my Youtube channels network advising them that I wanted to leave their network. They deemed to reply to me the day before YouTube would have auto unlinked my chennel due to no response.. Classy, as my son would say.

So I have sent them another (my 3rd) email advising them that I want to leave their network. (I have removed the name of the network from this blog post for obvious reasons.

At the start of last month (October) I emailed you asking that my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/iJimTV be ulinked from your network at the earliest possible time. I also set my channel to unlink via the YouTube user dashboard. 
I did not receive any response from ****** **** until the day before my channel was set to be auto unlinked by YouTube due to no response. Your email response acknowledged by unlink request and advised that you would not let Youtube auto unlink my as it could cause revenue errors on my part, instead you invited me to chat with a "Director of channel development". 
On the same day as I  received this email I replied by thanking you for the offer, explaining that I still wanted to leave our network, explaining that my total revenue since joining ****** **** was and still is 2c so any revenue errors would be acceptable as at the current US-UK exchange rate I have earned nothing. 

I have requested YouTube to unlink me again via their dashboard and once again I am asking that you, ****** **** unlink my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/iJimTV from your network.


Lets see how long it takes them to reply this time 

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