Sunday, 12 October 2014

iJim TV Channel Update.

Two days ago I contacted YouTube and Google+ and asked whether it was possible for me to move my YouTube channel so that it was linked to my Google+ profile and not the G+ page that was created the same time as my channel. I finished the request form and clicked send, knowing fine well that with 20+ subscribers YouTube/Google+ would say "Sorry, No chance".

How surprised was I a couple of hours later when an email hit my inbox advising me what I had to do to unlink the unused YouTube channel I had linked to my profile. Long story short and nine emails, three days later and I am sat looking at my YouTube channel all linked up to my Google+ profile and not the page that came with it.

Happy Days. The only downside if there is one is where it used to say iJim TV on my YouTube channel, it now has my name, my full name including sir name in its place. I could change my G+ profile so that my name says IJim TV, but the URL of my Google+ profile is my name anyway, so I am thinking what's the point. Maybe instead of worrying about people seeing my full name I should embrace it, after all it hasn't hurt +Chris Pirillo or +Grace Helbig  has it? 

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