3 April 2012

Killing Noscere

When I first started blogging all those years ago I chose the user name Noscere and used that as my sub-domain name on WordPress. Later I bought the domain Nosceres World and so it continued.

The thing is every time I told someone what my blogs address was I always ended up having to spell out Noscere or even writing it down for them so they wouldn't forget the word which is one of the reasons I changed my blogs address to Its Jim's a while back, so much easier for people to remember don't you think? For the past few month I have been using Nosceres World as a place to post my gardening adventures but with one thing or another I have not managed to spend much time in the garden or my allotment so Nosceres World has ended up kind of neglected while I get on with the other things that needed doing.

Earlier today I cancelled the Nosceres World Domain name with immediate effect and then moved on to delete the blog that Nosceres World was pointing to, by doing this I have effectively killed Noscere, is effectively the right word?

I have to admit killing off my alter ego Noscere is a sad moment for me but at the same time I do think it was the best thing to do. 

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