Friday, 20 January 2012


Do you know the power hidden in the spoken word?
Did you know you can feel them?
It all depends on how they're heard,
It all depends on how they're said.

Have you ever read a book and noticed how some pages make you cry?
How some pages make you laugh,
have you ever wondered why?

Then there are words spoken in quite a different tongue,
even though not understood they still hold a deep sensual value.
The power has begun.

To feel the power you only need to listen,
not with your ears, use something which is missing!
Now, what is this power I can hear you think,
it comes from deep within you,
a place where unicorns drink.

So if the power of the unicorn you wish to find,
you only need to listen.
If the power you wish to feel,
find what it is you have missing.

(Note: I wrote this poem way back in July 1994)

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