Friday, 13 January 2012

Cloud Bursting

Any excuse to play some Kate Bush, not that I need any, in 1985 it was a thing of science fiction. A way to make clouds and rain. But news was released today about a new particle called 'Criegee biradicals', a particle which we or scientists don't know a lot about other than is is found in the atmosphere and could play an important role in reducing Global warming and pollution (something we could do our selves if we ever make the effort).

I digress, scientists believe that the 'Criegee biradicals' can lead to aerosol formation and ultimately, clouds. During tests in America`s Lawrence Berkeley national Laboratory the particle was isolated, it was discovered that the compounds reacted faster than expected.

The particle was found in the 1950`s but only now been isolated and tested, when it was tested it was found that it had powerful "clean up" agents which can neutralize atmospheric pollutants such as Nitrogen dioxide and Sulphur dioxide giving aerosol droplets as a byproduct, these droplets are the start of clouds.

You can read more about it "here"

"Cloud Bursting Daddy..." 

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