23 September 2011

Detox for Clothing Brands

In July 2011 Greenpeace launched the Detox campaign to stop industries from poisoning the worlds waterways with hazardous, persistent and hormone disrupting chemicals which are known to not only damage the environment but can also cause disease, mutations and can stunt fertility, after links were found between toxic water pollution in some of China`s waterways and textile manufacturing facilities, some ran by the some of the worlds biggest clothing and sports brands.

The accumulation of these toxins and chemicals over time have all ready entered the environment, the food chain and our bodies, in some areas these toxins are already present in some new born babies after being contaminated by their Mothers. This is viewed as a serious problem so much so that in 2007 the EU brought into law a chemical legislation called REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) which requires firms to be more transparent regarding the chemicals they manufacture and use, and when properly implemented REACH can result in the replacement of the most dangerous chemicals with safer alternatives.  Source

Already Nike, Puma, Adidas and recently H&M have joined the campaign and committed to detoxing their brands and in doing so, in time help to lower the amount of toxins entering our environment. 

This is the video that helped convince the worlds biggest sports brand to champion a toxic free future.

So, what can you do to help? 

The Detox campaign needs to reach out and be heard by as many people as possible. One way of doing this is through "SEO" (Search Engine Optimisation). Basically the more links a web site or web page gets the higher up the google page ranking system that page goes, what we need is for the Detox campaign to be at the top of the first page every time someone searches for the word "Detox".  If your a blogger, or you admin a page on Facebook or your own forum or anything that involves the internet please write a post and include the word detox in it with a link to the Greenpeace Detox campaign, or you can add a direct link to the Greenpeace page in your blog roll. It really is that simple and can make such a big difference.

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