Friday, 24 June 2011

Spider Man To Die

An image we though we would never see taken from Ultimate Comics Spider-Man No. 160 as Peter Parker meets his death, it is said that he will die in the hands of his arch nemesis The Green Goblin while trying to save his Aunt May.

Brian Bendis the guy who writes the Ultimate Spider-Man series has said that Parker's death will be 'truly heroic and sacrificial', he added that there is no chance of him being revived in any later series.

Personally I believe there are many other Super hero`s who should have been further up the line when it comes to meeting an untimely end but for what ever reason it has been decided that Peter Parker and his alter ego SpiderMan are set to meet with other retired hero`s from our childhood such as Wonder Woman, Superman and Captain America.

Although the comic version of the Ultimate Spider man is set to die Peter Parker will be reincarnated in The Amazing Spider-Man played by British actor Andrew Garfield, which is due to hit our screens on July 3rd 2012 with any luck he will live long enough to give us as many sequels as Christopher Reeve gave us with Superman.

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