28 May 2011

An End Of Days

Shhh, all is quiet in the house of Jim, for how long I can only guess. Today has not been a day I would describe as good, my daughter is lay in bed coughing and hacking, unable to go to sleep. Its 11:58pm as Friday turns into Saturday and I have to say I will not shed a tear for a day where I bore witness to my eldest hide behind a bus stop to catch a bully and my two youngest sons play target practice with a box of felt pens and a poster of Taylor Swift. The picture on the left is a copy of the image of said singer that was being targeted by my boys.

As the day drew to a close the eldest took to his room while son number 2 sat watching TV after growing board with Miss Swift, Son 3 and our daughter settled down to bed.

I drew daughter settling duties so took her up stairs and put her in her cot. As usual while she settled I turned on my laptop and deciding to play some World of Warcraft (yes I play World of Warcraft) I clicked on the little icon on the desktop and logged in. User name, Password and Authenticator key then I hit enter while thinking about which character I would play tonight. But No, whats this, instead of seeing my characters all I can see is an error message telling me I have logged in wrong! I try again, and again, and again. Same error. Oh No`s. So I try to log into my wife's account to see if it's an install problem,  I type in her user name and Password and hit enter only to see her characters, luckily I had my smart head on so I knew that it was a problem with my account. Bugger!

Anyway once our daughter was settled I go down stairs and call Technical support guy and explain my problem, the guy at the other end of the phone asked a few questions and told me the problem was with my authenticator. He tells me he is going to email me some basic security questions which I need to answer so he can take the authenticator off my account so I can reinstall it.

The email comes and I reply to it and am still waiting for a reply back, I think he has gone home.

Finally I give up and at about 11:30 tonight and head off to bed only to catch the daughter having a jolly old cough which of course wakes her up, so here I am at 00:28 in the morning, laptop on, after having to go back down stairs in the pitch black after tripping the electric by plugging said laptop in, yeah so here I am trying to write this post in the light from the hallway while my daughter finally falls asleep.

Oh did I mention that today is my first full day without a cigarette as well, after I quit half way through Thursday. Oh the temptation has been there many a time today to say bugger it, I will quit tomorrow but I remained strong.

I'm off to bed now. Night peoples

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