26 April 2011

One Year Anniversary

In four days time I will have been out of work for a year, the longest I have been out of work since I can remember.
When I first started looking for work I was applying for jobs in what I knew, Customer services, Office admin and Data imputing.

Today I am applying for anything, well anything except sales I'm one of those people who can't push a sale if my life depended on it. I have tried everything from working in an old people's home to being an environment officer, I have even applied for a job as a blogger for our local radio station.

The only successful interviews I have are the ones I get every couple of month at the Job centre when they ask the same questions.

"So, how is the job hunting going?"
Great I reply, I'm getting really good at it, or they get the reply " I'm sat in front of you so what do you think?"

"What do you think is stopping you from getting a job?" Is another question they like to ask, that one is easy to answer as most of the employers who get back to me tell me that they are having problems getting a reference back from my last employer. Hmm figures.

Anyway, I have another Job centre interview in a couple of hours, no doubt they will ask the same questions and I will give the same answers.

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