3 March 2011

Itsjims Domain Transfer

Dont you hate it when that happens? You type out a new blog post, spell check it and click publish and nothing happens, your computer hangs so you click refresh and your post is gone, lost in the depths of cyberspace.

Anyway, yesterday I said I was going to cancel my self hosted blog and move my domain back to good ol` Wordpress.com. After I had published by post I emailed Justhost.com and told them I wanted to cancel my account but keep my domain name, well this morning I received an email from them with a key so that I can transfer my domain name to another register.

So taking my shiny transfer key (EPP) I went along to 1and1.co.uk the people who I registered Nosceres World with and gave them the key and ticked a few boxes etc. Getting to the point, if you read the posts I make on Itsjims.com chances are it will be going off line once the transfer has gone through but it will be back as soon as I redirect it to this place so don't panic (yeah like you would) Itsjims will be back as soon as the servers at 1and1.co.uk and Justhost.com finish talking to each other, oh and after I have told it what site it's supposed to be on now.

In the meen time I have some tidying up to do on Noscere.wordpress.com which is where Itsjims will be taking you.

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