8 March 2011

Five Years Of Blogging

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday too mee, happy biirthday dear mee-ee, happy birthday to me.

Not really, its my blogs birthday, its hard to believe but I have been blogging now for 5 years today well exactly 5 years come 20:30 tonight when I clumsily typed my first post and clicked publish before spell checking it. Looking back it seems I have came full circle starting here at noscere.wordpress.com before buying the domain Nosceresworld.co.uk, a couple of years later I moved Nosceres World to its own self hosted blog where I bought a new domain name because I got tired of having to spell my blogs address to people, something simple and short which told people who`s blog it was right away. So it was last year (I think) that itsjims.com was born.

55500Moving closer to present time I decided to close down my self hosted blog and come back to Wordpress.com where I am sitting now, waiting for my domain name to be remapped. After all the changes one thing has remained unchanged, I am still five years later rambling on about all kinds of random stuff, some 55,500 visitors later and I still don't have a fixed topic to blog about, well unless you can class me as a topic that is.

Now there is a weird thing, I have been blogging for 5 years today and I have had 55,500 visitors as I am typing this post, all fives.

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