21 November 2010

Murphy's Law. If it can go wrong it will

So, This weekend has been a technology based nightmare. This post was supposed to have hit the internet last night, late last night but my techmare had other ideas. Anyway, this is how it started.

*Looks around somewhat bemused*

What? I made it. YES!

What a day, have you ever had one of those days where if it could go wrong it would? That was me today. I had planned to have a de clutter of the wash room among other things. Oh how wrong was I.

One of my wifes friends came over to ask if I could scan a document and print about a dozen copies off for the service she is organising for church tomorrow morning, of course I said I would, would only be a five minute job after all. WRONG! I scanned the document no problem, got a copy that we liked and went to print it, I clicked on print and the printer sprang into action, the printer head clicking back and forth as it did its job, well except it had not fed the paper down so it was printing on nothing. I try again this time I get a paper jam error, but there was no paper being fed into the machine. Bugger I thought here we go. I pulled the paper out of its tray and start again. Nothing.

Have you ever noticed how at times a five minute job can take three hours? That was the first thing, after about an hour I came to the conclusion that my printer was buggered. I google a couple of computer/printer repair places in the town and tell them my story.

Both told me the same thing, "printers are disposable now, if your getting that kind of error you best just throw it away and buy a new one"

Bugger that I thought and attacked it with a screw driver once itwas quiet. About 20 minutes, a spring, bit of mud (dont ask) and a toy later I plug the printer back into my computer and click print on a random document and it printed it without a problem HA! I rock and to you computer/printer repair guys, Ha you just lost £30+.

Later I help one of my boys with his homework, this time a 20 minute job took about 2 hours so the 5pm tea time ended up being at 7:30 pm (bed time for our youngest son) Bed time routine, we put her in her cot not long after 8:00pm. 8:30 comes and goes, 9pm and 10pm by this time her screaming and tantrums have subsided then 10:30 pm passes and she is still awake, by about 11:00pm 2 and a half hours after she was put in her cot she is sleeping. I come down stairs and make us something to eat Egg and chips what can go wrong with that, nothing, nothing at all, well if you dont count the eggs sticking to the non stick frying pan that is. While the chips are frying I log into my blog and start typing a new post about how much of a pig today has been, stopping to eat I click on Save Draft.

Finally after all is said and done and my egg and chips have been consumed I sit down to finish typing a blog post about today, but wait.. What is this I see? "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." A page can not be displade error. I click the book mark for my Pagan blog which is hosed on the same server and low and behold.. Nothing. The server that hosts both my blogs has either crashed or gone off line. BUGGRIT!!!

So here I am quietly sitting maintaining my calm and what dignity I have left finishing my "Bugger of a day that was" blog post in Note Pad to copy over when my blog comes back on line.

Update: About 18 hours later. Have been in touch with the tech support who told me to clear my cache, which of course I did but to no availe. I cleared my cache, emptied my temporary folder, closed my background apps. Yada yada yada in the end I emailed tech support again and they told me they have done something to my IP address so I can get my blogs back.

Yep I can get them back all right but I cant log in at the moment.

Back to now at 6:34 pm Sunday: Everything has been fixed now and is back up and running. Well... For now it is. The Weekend is not over for another 5 hours and 25 minutes

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