22 September 2010

The Jobs Fair pt 1

Today Im upping my game when it comes to getting back into work, there is a Jobs fair in town today, it is expected that there is going to be over a dozen employers all in one or two rooms of a local hotel all looking for new employees. So later today once I have everything sorted out at home I plan to get all suited up, CV in hand and off I go.

From what I have heard of the employers that will be attending the fair most of them will be looking for people to cover Customer service rolls and it just so happens that I am experienced in just such a roll, so with any luck at least one of them should take me on, though as my wife has said Im not going to build up my hopes, but the way I look at it this many employers looking for employees in one place at the same time is too good an opportunity to miss.

Even if I get no where, if Im going to look on the bright side of things when I have to sign on next week and the spotty little urchin who is half my age and only got his job because Daddy works there sittings opposite me says "What have you dont to look for work over the past week? If you cant provide at least four applications we will have to suspend your benefits for one week" I can give them at least a dozen companies I have applied to work for. HA! In your face spotty little oik.

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