13 September 2010

Not Outside of my house

After dropping the boys off at school this morning we popped over to the in laws to do a message. We got back home at about, what 10:00 to find the council putting up one of those digital speed cameras that shows your speed if your over the limit, well part of it. Needless to say we (my wife) was on the phone to the council right away to tell them to stop and take it down. The guy from the council "Scott" told my wife that they did inform us of their intention to put the sign up and after consultation they decided to go ahead. Just for the record we were not informed and obviously we were not invited to the "consultation", if we had have been told about their plans we would have refused to have the post erected, because of the view we would have from our window. C`mon lets face it, it is a bloody eyesore and that's just the bloody big post.  The picture there on the left was taken through our sitting room window.

The Council tried this a few month ago and we managed to get them to take it down, at the time they said that they understood because we already have a telephone pole, an unused phone box which we are still trying to get removed (hint, hint BT) and a speed limit sign outside our house. Anyway my wife got straight on the phone and told them in no uncertain terms to take it down by the end of today. Its two hours since we got back home and the post is still there.

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