16 July 2010

The School Performance

Its 6:51 am I suppose I have been awake for about an hour now thanks to my daughter who at the moment is crawling across the floor with the caseing from my inhaler in her hand.

My eldest is sat on the settee watching a cartoon with CD sat next to him. This is the quiet before the storm. Next week is their last week at school before they break up for their summer holidays, its also my sons last week at his current school before he goes to senior school.

Its tradition that the Year 6 put on a production for the school before they leave. Last night it was the turn of my eldest's class with their take of Snow White along with the seven jockeys who were gambling addicts as opposed to the seven dwarfs. My eldest played the hunter who had been charged to cut out the heart of snow white so the queen could eat it.

Im not being bias when I say that the sceine with my son and Snow white in the forest was without doubt the best part because it was. Snow white had the voice of an angel and the I think everybody knew the ethical problems the hunter had when it came to cutting out her heart.

In all it was a very enjoyable evening, there was a small swarey as the head teacher called it with pupils from the school serving food on trays for the parents after the performance.

Its hard to believe that my eldest has been at that school for six years and will be leaving next week. I can still remember his first days in the reception class when we would play in the sand pit, building little roads for the trucks or playing with the toy dinosaurs and now six years later he is singing infront of the whole school as well as the parents and guests of his year.

Today he is part of what the school call a memories assembly where each member of the leaving class gives a memory or a thought from their time at the school. I have been told that it is an emotional assembly with tears from both parents and teachers alike.

I cant remember much about what happened when I left junior school, I remember taking everything with me on my first day at senior school though just in case I needed it, I can remember my exact thoughts as I left senior school though as I walked down the long road that lead to the school I went to. I lit a cigarette and said out loud "Thank f%&k that's over" I didn't even look back at the school for one last time. With any luck my sons time in senior school will be better than mine.

But for now, its time to get Tree frog out of bed and get breakfast sorted before the boys are packed off to school once again.

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