8 July 2010

Some things are hard to swallow

This week for me anyway has been a painful waist of time. I have Tonsillitis, yep another freaking ailment to add to my steadily increasing collection of  illnesses. I felt a sore throat coming on over the weekend but thought nothing of it. Monday was a bit worse I started to find it hard to swallow . Yesterday was the worst, it felt like a heavy weight boxer had used my head and face as a punch bag.

You know when you get a head ache? It can be just behind your eyes, at the back of your head or on your temples and many other places around your head, its not a man thing here, contrary to popular opinions. My head ache covered all of my head, it was everywhere. Usually when I get a head ache I just take a pain killer and its either dulled down or taken care of in about 30 minutes. Yesterday I could not swallow so pain killers were out of the question.

I did go to the doctors on later on in the morning and was told by the nurse that I had Tonsillitis and that the only thing to do was to start on a course of Penicillin, cool I thought, except that I cant swallow... I mean anything. I must have let this thought out as I heard it squeak pathetically past my lips. The nurse looked at me and only said "Finish the course and if nothing has changed by Friday come back" .

Later in the day I did notice that my head ache eased if I was laid down and it seemed easier or less painful to swallow. As soon as I was back on my feet the pain was back. (hang on a second Im just taking my medication Ouch... ) I don't know if my wife was just sick of me being a "poorly man" or she thought I would be better off in bed but she told be I should go to bed later last night.

This morning, after a bad nights sleep I woke feeling a bit better, my "All over head ache"  has gone, the pain in my left ear has changed to a dull throb and its not as painful to swallow, so far I have had two cups of tea, a milk shake from McDonalds and a cup of coffee. Breaking news is "Jim has just eaten a quarter of a slice of toast" ... It got stuck and had to be washed down with some lemonade so it looks like Im not on solids yet.

I have it so good..

Let me give you a quick update before I start, trying he kitchen? It's still being put together, we just need the kitchen units fastened...