28 May 2010

Job hunting # 2

What? He is still alive!? Well come on I know you were thinking it. Yes I am, I know I have not done much in the way of updating my blog of late, truth is there has not been that much to post about. As you would expect I have been looking for another job as well as getting all those jobs around the house done all this and all the while Im trying to think of something worthy of turning into a blog post. One thing that I have noticed is just how much time is spent by my wife and I running around after our little cherubs.

Then it occured to me that my family is not what you would call a normal run of the mill family, lets look at the facts one of us is ADHD, one of us is a dyslexic dyspraxic and more than one of us is asthmatic. :) and thats just the start, what a family. The perfect subject matter for a blog dont you think? I do.

I did think about making a few changes here at itsjims, but after talking about it with my good lady wife we decided that there are alot of people in the area who know me and that I run itsjims.com. So it was agreed that because of the subject matter a new blog should be started and so it was over at Wordpress.com

Obviously Itsjims is going to continue as normal.

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