30 March 2010

The KFC Krusher

No doubt you will have heard that Kentucy fried chicken has came up with a milkshake. The Krushers. I am thinking this is to rival McDonalds which lets face it is the daddy of milk shakes. I had one of these milkshakes with the intent of reporting my findings back to you.

I had the chocolate milkshake and I have to say that I was not impressed. Where as McDonalds milkshakes is ice cream the Krusher as you would expect by its name is crushed ice with what I think is milk and the flavoring and thats about it. In all honesty I dont think that McDonalds has anything to worry about.

If memory serves me right KFC`s Krusher costs slightly more than a McDonalds milkshake, if you were to pay the extra and get the large KFC shake you will be given a shake that is about the same size as a small McDonalds shake.

To sum up, if I were you I would get the Mcdonalds shake and save your money, even if you have just bought a KFC bargain bucket, go next door for your shake unless you want a cup of ice and milk.

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