Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The Naked on the Roof Post

Its not too often I come across something that someone else has posted on their blog that I feel the irrepressible need to repost. This is one of those rare times though. While catching up on my RSS subscriptions I came across this little gem from Mtae the owner of the Naked on the roof blog and this time I am not going to pull it to bits, only repost it so those of you who have not came across MTae`s blog can enjoy.

My son bought, with his own birthday money, a Mythbusters kit. It was full of magnets, liquids and surely some Mentos. Everything in the house is now subject to whatever myth his 10 year old brain can come up with… • How smelly can a raw chicken breast get before mom or dad figure out something is under the couch? • Same experiment with milk…but in the back of the van? • If I swallow a magnet, can I use another magnet to get it back out of my stomach and out my throat? • Same experiment…but with it coming out of the “other” end? I went to brush my teeth last night and I noticed a familiar, and somewhat pleasant, bathroom smell. It wasn’t until after about 10-15 strokes that I could actually TASTE what I was SMELLING…Aftershave. Now I mark my toothbrush before leaving for work. That specific instrument of cleaning is in a room that ‘d rather not have my creative little Jamie-want-to-be loose together unchecked.

Amy Winehouse turns 26 today. I drafted her No.1 in my “Dead Before 30? fantasy pool. Read the rest of MTae`s post here

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  1. You cant make replies like that Mtae, especially on a post that relates to... Erm well YOU! hehe