26 July 2009

Girls stuff on the washing line!

Hang on a second, Im just helping my son find his Game boy. Be right back. Right were was I, ah yes. Its not that I have had nothing to post about since my last update I have its just either something has happened or I ended up doing something else on the computer instead if making my post.

Pink washing lineWere to start is the problem. Erm, Baby Boo is coming along great, putting on weight and growing in all the right directions, we are still trying to get her into some kind of routine with her sleeping but she does not want to play. It seems her favorite place to sleep is on mommy which is fine until her mommy wants to do something which involves moving, her three big brothers are killing her with kindness and wanting to be involved with everything including feeding her which is great, except she is breast fed. You try explaining to a four year old that he can not feed his little sister because he cant lactate. Our washing line is now full of girls stuff as you can see from the picture over there on the left.. Just thought I would add the picture to pad this post out a bit and so that it does not look like a page full of text

Other news, a person I work with was sent home last week with suspected Swine flu, she has not been confirmed because to be confirmed as having swine flu you need to have swabs taken and tested. I was told by my doctors practice manager that the government has stopped swabbing for swine flu, no doubt to keep the numbers of confirmed cases down, if they have not been confirmed with a swab test then they are only "suspected", which is not as bad. Dont get me wrong I am not accusing our government of massaging the figures to make them selves look good because the have another agenda or anything like that. I would never do that... Would I ? The following day another one of the people I work with called in sick, saying "she thinks" she might have swine flu (yet she was fine the day before, unless the incubation period has shortened by about 2 weeks).  Other than that work is work, nothing has changed there, well except that the agency I work for has told us they are not going to pay us for my paternity leave. This is after they said everything would be Ok Ihad nothing to worry about and I could take it. Saying nothing about legislation that states that your (my) wife had to have became pregnant while I was employed there and not the week before!

Last week I was shocked to read that a blog that I read regularly was under threat of being closed down as the author thought that it ws pointless or something like that. For those who dont know the face behind Mercury Vapour was the person who introduced me to the wonders of writing random crap on the interwebs for other people to muse over. I was left in a state of unparalleled panic, what was I going to do? Would the Interwebs stop working? were would I go to read stuff about lamp posts that I dont understand?  I read on to find out that the owner of Mercury Vapour`s Dad had had a heart attack. The good news is Scribblers Dad has made a full recovery and Mercury vapour has been dragged back from the bring of deletion. Oh Get well soon Scribblers Dad..

And here I will leave it for now as one of my boys is looking for some glue so he can make a paper4 puppet theatre, another wants me to get him past a level onYoshi`s Island on the GBA, I have told him I dont know how to as I have never played the game.

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