9 May 2009

Local Area Connection Only

I want to start by saying that I made a bit of a mistake in a post I made a couple of posts ago, now that I have finished decorating the sitting room I have started on the Kitchen, not the bedrooms. It was total mistake how it started, this morning once the kids had been sorted out I pulled out the hoover and gave the down stairs and the stairs a good cleaning, later in the day I noticed that dust was being walked out of the kitchen back into the hall way so in my wisdom I cleared out the kitchen and started laying the floor tiles we bought last week oops, baring in mind that I hate DIY, to me it stands for Destroyed It Yesterday. Anyway the floor is all tiled now, I must have done a good job as well as I have had the seal of approval from my Mother in law when she popped over to take my wife out for our weekly shop.
Now the reason for the name of this post. While my wife was out getting a few bits in I decided to pull out my laptop and have a little play on World of Warcraft. I open up my laptop and pushing the button I hear the gleeful sound of the fan kicking in. I click on the shortcut and log in, nothing, Bugger. Looking down at the task bar I notice there is no little disk in my connection icon, I check the wireless button and it is on. Oh Bugger, Now some of you might know that although I am comfortable with most aspects of computers Networking is not one of my strong points, last time it happened a system restore fixed it, so I do the same again. Nada. So as I am typing this my laptop is an interwebs free zone.
But to end on a happy note I had an idea of how I could get Windows Live Writer up and running on desktop again, I noticed the error was telling me that I did not have an upto date installer so I thought, desktop has just about nothing installed on it, then in a fit of either genius or madness I downloaded and installed Windows XP Service pack 3.. And I installed it.. mm Brave, then I installed Live writer, it installed ok, so I click on the short cut thingy-ma-bob Urikakakaka Its Alive! I have my blogging app back. Now to get my freeking network back. Any way Blade the movie has just started so I am out of here, see you later.

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