Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Out Of My Comfort Zone

Last night I made a post about Elizabeth Wong and some photoes that th Malay Mail have managed to get ahold of, since then it has come to light that it might not be the photoes that are Elizabeth Wongs problem but the fact that they might have been taken by her ex boyfriend Hilmi Malek, a Malay-Muslim and there for subject to Malaysia's sharia codes.

The photos provide prima facie evidence that he had committed khalwat (close proximity), an offence for which he can face criminal prosecution in Malaysia. Now at this point because I know nothing about Muslim laws and codes of conduct I find that I am out of my comfort zone regarding this issue. I will be still keeping an eye on what is happening but as it says in Article 18 "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion", so unless things go totaly wrong I can say nothing more on this.  If this is true Hilmi Malek and posssibly Elizabeth Wong have broken a Sharia code.  Source Source 2

Changing the subject slightly I have had a bugger of a day so am going to bed to watch Night of ther living dead. Night

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