2 February 2009

More Snow

Its been a month or so since it snowed, well before Christmas to be exact, this time though it has been said that todays snow is the worst in two decades, Im sure I have seen worse. Maybe its because over night most of the country got it this time. Anyway alot of schools in England closed, 1 in 5 people didnt make it to work and it was all over the radio nearly all freaking day at one point Radio 1 even started playing snow and winter related songs.. God like we have never seen it snow before.

Leaving the house at 8:30 this morning I had no idea what was ahead of me. I arrived at my 2nd bus stop at about 8:45 and waited, and waited, and waited, the bus finally arrived at 9:50. I was due to start at 10:00 (Hmm think Im going to be late). Anyway it just so happened I had my camera on my belt as I made my merry way to work this morning.

I got to work just before 11:00 looking alot like a snow man,  The weather reports on the radio saying the snow was going to get worse throughout the day. Its raining now.. Figures. Just one thought though when it gets bad like this, no not the old folk. The Homeless,

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